From left to right: Haroon Rashid, Asaad Ahmad and Fakhir Mehmood

The cover of the second album: Jadoo Ka Chiragh



Artiste In Focus:
At a time when Pakistani music was geared more towards rock, came Awaz. Sometimes referred to as the "Take That" of Pakistan, this 3 person band came out with new, electrifying music, that seemed to drive everyone crazy.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box #1360,
Band Members:
Haroon Rashid - Lead Vocals
Fakhir Mehmood - Backing Vocals, Keyboards and Sequencing
Keith Hananches - Axe and Bass Guitar
News: Assad Ahmad has re-joined Awaz

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Album Name Comments
Awaz The first album had a lot to say about the band's future. The album consisted of various songs which were hits right from the start, such as Watan Kahani, Janaymun, Janay Kon Thee Haseena and Diya.
Jadoo Ka Bhiragh The second album stood up to everybody's expectations and proved to be better than the first. The title song, Jadoo Ka Chiragh, and Mein Na Manoon Haar were a few of the greatest in that collection.
Shola This album was slightly different from the previous compilation and didn't really sound like the traditional Awaz. It comprised of more Western and less traditional beats. A few catchy tracks were Soniay, Hoga, Shola, Mr. Fraudiay and Mela.