A shot of Nazia Hassan taken
earlier on in her musical career

Nazia and Zoheb Hassan early on in their career

Nazia and Zoheb Hassan: the true pioneers of pop music in the Indian subcontinent


Nazia Hassan

Artiste In Focus:
Considered the pioneer of pop music in Pakistan, Nazia Hassan started out at a very young age (along with her brother Zoheb), and the two had been rocking Pakistan until a couple of years back when they both decided to 'call it a day'. Nazia went on to get married, and Zoheb followed his solo career amongst other things.

Note: Nazia Hassan passed away on the 13th of August, 2000. She will truly be missed.

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Album Name Comments
Disco Deewane An amazing album with quite a good selection of songs. Tracks that stood out were Disco Deewane, Komal and Dil Mera.
Camera Camera This compilation wasn't exactly a chart buster, but it did quite well overall. Hits included were Camera Camera and Mama Papa.
Hot Line This collection was quite good, and Nadia and Zoheb Hassan were both well established by the time this album came out. Hits from this album were Telephone Pyar, Hum Aur Tum and Soja.
Boom Boom This album was a huge hit and for quite some time the title song Boom Boom remained on the top of the charts. Other hits included were Zindagi and Koi Nahin.
Young Tarang This album was more of a collection of old hits and also proved to be quite a success. Songs that stood out were Dosti and Ashanti.
Tonite This album was a more of Best Of, rather than a new album. Nevertheless, this album managed to reach the top of the charts with songs like Chehra and Sun.