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Disclaimer - - PakistaniMusic.com

This site has been created by the team at PakistaniMusic.com. All the ideas and opinions expressed in this site are solely that of PakistaniMusic.com and neither the artistes nor their producers or recording companies had any input in the site's creation.

We are not aware of any possible copyright violations. If any such act is brought to our attention we will remove the concerned material from PakistaniMusic.com.

We are in no way taking credit for any of the audio files (music) available on this site. They are the property of the artistes and their corresponding producers/publishers. The songs provided at PakistaniMusic.com are *ONLY* for promotion of Pakistani music. We have only provided a selection of songs, and *encourage* you to go out and buy the complete album/record/compilation to enjoy it in its entirety. For promotional purposes only.

Note: If you would like to utilise any of the information, media (images, music, videos) etc. at PakistaniMusic.com, for any purpose, please contact us first, stating both your request and reason.